NASS Has No Confidence To Override Buhari

Rivers State Governor, Nyesom Wike, has said based on the constitution, the National Assembly has the right to override President Muhammadu Buhari by two-third of the two chambers to veto the President’s decline.

Speaking further on the issue, the Rivers State Governor, however, expressed dismay over the fact that “the leadership of the National Assembly as we have it today cannot put in the agenda of the two chambers that they will override, veto Mr Presidents decline.”

According to the governor, the 9th Assembly does not have people who are capable of looking the President in the eye and telling him the truth when he makes a wrong decision.

On this premise, Wike arrived at the conclusion that Nigerians have no choice but to come out and say “enough is enough.” He added that the ruling party cannot continue to take Nigerians for a ride.

He declared that the opinions he was reeling out were not on behalf of a party but on behalf of Nigerians and that which is in their best interest.

“We are talking about what will make Nigeria be respected in the committee of nations as a country that believes in true, transparent democratic processes to elect her leadership.”

Governor Wike in his final summation on the matter stated that by refusing to accent to the Electoral Act Amendment Bill, President Buhari leaves Nigerians to doubt his promise as regards ensuring that the 2023 election will be free and fair.

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