Why My Music Is Different From The Contemporary Nigerian Music – Ric Hassani

“You come with what you know how to do best”

Pop singer, Ric Hassani, has revealed why his sound differs from the normal “Nigerian music” sound.

The 32-year-old revealed this while speaking about his career when he featured on Sunrise, a Channels Television breakfast programme. He also spoke about why he does the kind of music he does.

“You come with what you know how to do best”, he said.

So, the kind of music he makes, in his opinion is his go-to choice because he believes that is the kind of music he can do best. “I know how to make other styles oh, but not as good as this one.”

The ‘Thunder Fire You’ crooner revealed that he used to rap at some point.

The artist with the sonorous voice opened up about quitting his job as an assistant lecturer for music because of his love for the craft.

“I used to be an assistant lecturer. If I wasn’t a musician, I’d be a lecturer for sure. I genuinely love teaching, I love explaining stuff but I so much love entertainment, I love [singing] as my job,” he said.

When asked what was the one thing that could be done to fix Nigeria, he said, “It’s complex, but I’ll say we have a great number of people so, we have a greater effect than any one person, leader. So, I feel like if the people come together and more intentionally, we can actually make some level of change.

Hassani buttressed that the country will not change overnight but coming together as a people, not the leaders will make the difference.

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Watch his full interview with ChannelsTV below:

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